May 18, 2007

Podcast 2: How is - How was... 오디오

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Script for Class@Eunha May 12, 2007 Podcast – How is...?

Hello everybody, this is Joon, welcome to my podcast brought to you by Eunha Hair. I want to thank my friend Cherry Teresa for allowing me to use her song “The Best Of Me” available on The Igloo Nation Compilation. This is our second podcast. I want to thank you the students for attending the classes and making it fun.

Please look at our blog page or your handouts Lesson 1 to 3

어떻게 대답하냐고,
인간 아니면 동물 이면...I am...
He/She is...
They/We are

인간/동물 적으로 연습 합시다.

1. How is your brother?
He is fine.
He's OK.
He's great.

2.How is your puppy?
She's good
She's crazy.

3.How is your sister?
She's doing good.
She's doing great.

4.How is your mom?
She's good.
She's doing great.

5.How is your family?
They are good.
They are doing great.

6.How are your children?
They're great.
They're fine.

7.How are your kids?
They're fine.
They're doing great.

이질문은 동물/인간 안이니까, 대답하시면, It 로 대답하세요.

8.How is the weather?
It's hot.
It's cold.
It's gloomy (날씨 안좋다.

9.How is your day? (오후 5시 전)
It's hectic.
It's busy.
It's rough.
It's good.

10.How was your day? (오후 5/6 시 후로 물어보세요)/
It was hectic.
It was busy.
It was rough.
It was great.

11.How was your weekend?
It was great.
It was uneventful. (Nothing special 랑 또같에)

12.How was the food?
It was great.
It was disappointing. (실망했다)

13.How was lunch?
It was delicious.
It was alright. (so-so 같에).

14.How was your dinner?
It was good.
It was OK.

15.How was your blind date?
It was terrible.
It was boring.

16.How was the service?
It was great.
It was good.

17.How was your vacation?
It was fantastic.
It was great!!!!

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