May 16, 2007

Lesson 10

Basic Terms

– Next to/by

– in front of

/아래 – under/beneath/below

– behind/in back of

– on/on top of

건너편 – across from/across the street from

맞은편 – Right Across from/right across the street from

문장 포맷 – Sentence Format

1. The fax is next to the counter.

2. The mirror is in front of the chair.

3. The lessons are under the counter.

4. The restroom is behind the counter.

5. The snacks are on top of the desk.

6. We are across from the Rock N’ Roll Bar.

7. We are across the street from the Dunhill shop.

8. We are right across from the Rock N’ Roll Bar.

Exercise #1:

A: Where is the fax machine?

B: It is _____________ to the _______________.

Exercise #2:

A: Where is the restroom?

B: It is ____________ to the ____________.

Exercise #3:

A: Where is your shop?

B: It is ________________ the ________________.

Exercise #4:

A: Where is the Mini-Stop?

B: It is _____________________ the ___________________.

Exercise #5:

A: Where are the pens?

B: They are ______________ the __________________.

Review of “Can/Can’t”, 할수있다, 할수없다.

문장 포맷:

Can: 주어+Can + 동사 + 할수있는곳

  1. I can do hair.
  2. We can color your hair.
  3. We can go to 남산.
  4. He can cook well.
  5. They can braid.

Can’t: 주어 + Can’t + 동사 + 할수없는곳

  1. They can’t meet tonight.
  2. He can’t find the lotion.
  3. We can’t accept checks from foreigners.
  4. 양희 can’t take class tonight.
  5. 정희 can’t drink well.

Can 질문 포맷:

Can + 주어 + 동사 + 나머지

  1. Can you cook Chinese food?
  2. Can you braid hair?
  3. Can they fix this?
  4. Can 진향 go to the office?
  5. Can 진주 run 5km?



You help next?

미나 Service right now?

What Time


You squeeze me in?

I come in?



We come in?

We meet?



I sit?

we go on a picnic?

Dialogue 1:

A: What do you want to do tonight?

B: How about a drink?

A: Sounds good, when can you leave?

B: I can get off around 7.

A: Where do you want to meet?

B: Let’s meet a 둘둘 치킨.

Dialogue 2:

A: Welcome to Eunha Hair, how may I help you?

B: I would like a perm.

A: All our stylists are busy right now, would you like to wait?

B: How long will it take?

A: It will be about 45 minutes.

B: Can I give you my name and number?

A: Sure, we can call you, when a stylist is available.

B: Thank you.

Dialogue 3:

A: Hey ___________, can you go out tonight?

B: No, I ____________, I have to _______________________.

A: I’m sorry to hear that, how about ____________________?

B: Sounds good, where do you want to meet?

A: Let’s ____________ at ______________.

B: What time?

A: How about _____________?

B: OK, can do.

Dialogue 4:

A: _______________, what time do you _________ off work ___________?

B: I _____________ @ ______________.

A: Can you ____________ after work?

B: Yes, I ___________, but I have to _____________ at ____________.

A: Where do you want to go?

B: I want to ___________ to _______________.

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