November 16, 2007

Lesson 25E

Basic Grammar 1:


Promise 안입니다., promise 는 약속하다.

Promise 는 (Basic) 3 가지 있읍니다.

1. Appointment

2. Meeting

3. Plans

Before we talk about Plans, we must discuss Date and Plan(s).
Date – 남/여 약속 (관심있어야되, 사뀌고싶어야되고, 벌써 사꼈어요)
Plan(s) 는 계획하가

To use Plan(s) in a sentence please use this format.

Subj + Plan(s) to + Verb + (나머지)(with 누구랑, 장소, etc)
I plan to drink with my friends this weekend.
He plans to meet his college buddies.

Now, for 약속.
Subject + Have + (What Kind of/어떤) (a) plans/meeting/appointment (with 누구/at 장소, 시간, on 요일, in 월달/날짜).

I have drinking plans with my college buddies.
She has a dental appointment.
We have plans with our colleagues.
They have a meeting.

Exercise 1:
Ask your partner (plan to 포맷) what they will do.

Exercise 2:
Make a dialogue using appointment sentence.

Exercise 3:
Use meeting sentence.

Exercise 4:
Use Plans sentence.

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