June 1, 2007

Podcast 5: Where Did You...?

powered by ODEO

1. Where did you see Spider Man 3?

I saw Spider Man 3 at 씨티 Theater.
I saw it at 씨내 Theater.

2. Where did you drink yesterday?

I drank at the Rock & Roll bar.
I drank at 투다리.

3. Where did you go for children's day?

We went to Children's Park.
We went to 남산.

4. Where did you meet your friend?

We met in 명동.
We met in 압구정.

5. Where do you live?

I live in 이태원.
I live in this neighborhood.

6. Where do you work?

I work at 삼성.
I work for Eunha Hair.

7. Where do you want to go after work?

I want to go to any bar.
Let's go to 둘둘 치킨.
How about a wine bar?

8. Where did you eat lunch today?

I ate at 참참참.
I ate at 한빛.

9. Where do you want to go this weekend?

I want to go to 인덕원.
Let's go to 안양.
How about 부산?

10. Where did you go for your vacation?

I went to Thailand for vacation.
I took a trip to Dubai for my vacation.

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