July 23, 2007

Lesson 12E


Go straight for about _____________ meters.
Turn Right at _______________
Turn Left at ____________________
Take - ________________________
Get Off at - ________________________
Transfer - ______________________________
It's on your left/right -
You can't miss it.

A: Can you tell me a good place to shop?
B: Cross the street and make an immediate right and turn left at the first alley.

A: Is there a shopping mall around here?
B: Yes, walk towards the subway on your right for about 75 meters and it will be on your right.

A: Can you tell me how to get to 홍대?
B: Take the #2 line and it will be the _____________ station.

Exercise 1:

A: Please tell me how to get to your shop.
B: Where are you coming from?
A: I'm coming from ______________________.

Exercise 2:

A: Can you tell me where the Korea Exchange Bank is?

Exercise 3:

A: How can I get to _______________________?

Exercise 4:

A: Where's a good restaurant around here?

Exercise 5:

A: Where's a good place to drink in this neighborhood?

Exercise 6:

A: What's the best way to get to Itaewon?

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