July 10, 2007

Lesson 16

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Subject 1: Shower Girl/Dude Conversation with Guest

A: How is your current shampoo?
B: I'm not happy with it.
A: You mean your shampoo doesn't make your hair feel great?
B: Yeah, lately it's just...blah...
A: It may be shampoo buildup in your hair. How long have you used your current shampoo and conditioner?
B: Practically forever.
A: In a case of shampoo buildup, you should change your shampoo and conditioner for a month.
B: Thank you for the tip.

Subject 2: Conversation with Stylist and Guest

A: Hello, how are you today?
B: I'm good. How are you?
A: Just a little busy. How is everything?
B: It's here and there. You know Seo-Hyeon told me I have shampoo buildup, what do you recommend?
A: I recommend our Paul Mitchell products, it's made from natural ingredients.
B: Thank you for the advice. But it seems a little expensive, don't you think?
A: You should splurge on yourself some time, don't you think?
B: Yeah, I guess you're right.
A: Don't worry, you won't be sorry.
B: I hope not.

Subject 3: A Good Place To Eat?

A: Do you know a good place to eat?
B: What are you in the mood for?
A: I'm in the mood for some Japanese food.
B: Just go straight for about 100 meters and there's a spot on your left.
A: Thanks for the 411.

Subject 4: A Good Place to Eat? Part 2

A: Where can I get some fried chicken?
B: Are you in the mood for a Western or Korean fried chicken joint?
A: Western.
B: KFC or Popeyes?
A: Popeyes.
B: Make an immediate right at the corner and walk straight for about 200 meters and it will be in the movie theater on your right.

Exercise 1:
Any topic is OK: date/weekend/food

Exercise 2:
Simple directions please.

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