August 10, 2007

Lesson 14E

Subject 1: Greeting at Counter

A: Welcome to Eunha Hair, my name is ____________, how may I help you?
B: I would like a perm.
A: Do you have a reservation?
B: No, I'm afraid not.
A: It will be about a 35 minute wait, will that be OK?
B: Sure.
A: Come this way please. Please have a seat.
B: Thank you.
A: Would you like anything to drink?
B: What do you have?
A: Here's our menu.
B: May I have the iced tea please.
A: I'll get that for you right away.
B: Thank you.

Subject 2: Shampoo Girl/Shampoo Boy

A: Thank you for waiting. Please follow me.
B: Oh, thank you.
A: I'm sorry for the wait, it's a little crazy today.
B: Oh, that's OK, don't worry about it.
A: Thank you for your understanding.
B: Oh, it's nothing.
A: Please have a seat here. Lean back and slide down a little bit.
B: Like this?
A: Just a tad bit more.
B: Here?
A: Yes, how's the water?
B: It's a little cold.
A: Is this better?
B: A bit hot.
A: How about now?
B: Perfect.

Subject 3: The Stylist and the client.

A: Hello, my name is 시은, I'll be your stylist today, how you doing?
B: I'm doing good. Is this your first time?
A: Oh no, my second. (웃어야되). How would you like your hair done?
B: I would like a perm.
A: What kind of perm? Jessica Simpson, Bernadette Peters or the Jennifer Aniston look?
B: The Jennifer Aniston look please.
A: What do you do for a living?
B: I work for a pharmaceutical company.
A: Oh, is that right? How's your job?
B: It's a little stressful. Do you enjoy your work?
A: Yes, I do. It's a great way to meet new people.

Subject 4: Basic Conversation

A: Is there a good restaurant around here?
B: What are you in the mood for?
A: Japanese.
B: Walk towards the subway, turn left at the second alley and make an immediate left and it's on your left.
A: How's the food?
B: It's decent.

Subject 5: Basic Conversation 2

A: Long time no see. How you been?
B: I've been good, how are the kids?
A: They're doing great. What have you been doing?
B: I've been practicing for my designer test.
A: How is it going?
B: I don't know. There doesn't seem enough time in the day to practice.
A: Don't give up. Just practice, practice, practice, OK.
B: Got ya.

Exercise 1:

Weekend plan Dialogue 만들으세요.

Exercise 2:

미용실에서 맛있는 식당 위치 가르치세요.

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