August 10, 2007

Lesson 19

Dialogue 1:

A: Hey, it's noon, want to grab some lunch?
B: I don't know, what will you have for lunch?
A: I was planning to eat at 한빛. What did you have in mind?
B: I wanted to eat at Oriental Spoon.
A: Let's meet halfway, how about 김밥천국.
B: OK.

Exercise 1:

Negotiate for a place to eat.

Dialogue 2:

A: What will you do after work today?
B: I had a blind date but I had to cancel it.
A: Why did you cancel your blind date?
B: I had to cancel because I have to get ready for my test next month.
A: I'm sorry to hear that.
B: It's OK, a no-man having girl introduced me so I'm not tripping.

~니까 – S + V + N, Because S + V + N
I'm hungry because I didn't eat breakfast.
It's slow today because it's raining.

Exercise 2:

Make a 왜 무엇을 안했다 Dialogue

Dialogue 3:

A: What brings you to Korea?
B: I'm a teacher.
A: Is that right? Where do you teach?
B: I teach in 노원동.
A: Wow that's so far. How is it?
B: It's fun.
A: I'm glad to hear that. Where do you normally* hang out?
B: I go to 이태원 once a month otherwise I hang out in my neighborhood.

*Normally – 버통으로 생각하세요.

질문이면, 주어/동사 사이있어야되 문장도 주어/동사 사이
What do you normally eat for lunch? I normally eat lunch at 1:15.
What time do you normally get off work? I normally get off work at 8.

Exercise 3:

Normally Dialogue 만들으세요.

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