August 2, 2007

Lesson 18

Dialogue 1:

A: What will you do this weekend?
B: I plan to watch a movie with my family.
A: Sounds great, which movie are you going to see?
B: We will probably watch the Simpsons movie.*
A: Let me know how it is.**
B: Sure will.

Maybe (가능성 50% 미만), 문장 앞에서 말해야되
Probably 는 주어/동사 사이에 말해야외

1.Maybe we will watch the Simpsons movie.
2.We will probably see the Simpsons movie.

Maybe 때문에 Watch 로 말 해야되, 확실안이니까.
Probably 는 거의 확실 이니까 see 로 하죠.

Exercise 1:

Plan to – 포맷으로 Partner 랑 같이 Short Dialogue 만들어주세요.

Dialogue 2:

A: What will you do after work?
B: I have drinking plans with my secret boyfriend.
A: Great, where will you meet?
B: We're going to meet at 투다리.
A: Have a great time.
B: Thank you.

Exercise 2:

지난주 약속 포맷으로 Short Dialogue 만들어주세요.

Dialogue 3:

A: Clara, is it OK if I come in late tomorrow?
B: What time will you come in?
A: Around 10:30.
B: Why will you be late tomorrow?
A: I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow.
B: OK, if you will be later than that, please call the shop.
A: OK.

Exercise 2:

약속 포맷으로 Appointment 로 Short Dialogue 만들어주세요.

Dialogue 3:

A: I'm sorry I can't drink with you guys after work.
B: That sucks, why not?
A: I have a meeting with the manager tonight.
B: I'm sorry to hear that.
A: Can I get a rain check?*
B: OK, next time.

*Rain Check - ____________________________

Exercise 3:

Meeting 로 Short Dialogue 만들어주세요.

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