October 7, 2007

Lesson 24


How are you?

I’m ______________________

How are you doing?

I’m doing __________________

(Long time, no see)How have you been?

I’ve been ________________________________

How is

Your mother? She is…good/fine/under the weather
Your brother? He is… good/fine/under the weather
Your day? It is…good/great/alright/not too bad
The music? It is…good/interesting/alright/not bad

How was
Your weekend? It was…good/great/terrible/boring/fun
The service? It was…good/great/satisfactory
The food? It was…good/delicious/terrible
The party It was…boring/disappointing/fun/great

How are
The puppies? They are great/sick/crazy
the classes? They’re boring/great/ok/helpful
Your brothers? They’re good/fine/alright
The students? They’re great/fine/exciting

1st 11th 21st 31st
2nd 12th 22nd
3rd 13th 23rd
4th 14th 24th
5th 15th 25th
6th 16th 26th
7th 17th 27th
8th 18th 28th
9th 19th 29th
10th 20th 30th

Date Format (날짜 포맷):
Month/Day/Year – 월/일/년 or 일/월
May 2nd 5th of May
July 3rd 19th of September

*Normally – 버통으로 생각하세요.

질문이면, 주어/동사 사이있어야되 문장도 주어/동사 사이
What do you normally eat for lunch? I normally eat lunch at 1:15.
What time do you normally get off work? I normally get off work at 8.

Exercise 1:

Normally Dialogue 만들으세요.

Dialogue 1:
A: Did you eat _________________?
B: ___________ yet.

Dialogue 2:
A: Where are you going?
B: I'm _____________ to __________________.

Dialogue 3:
A: What will you do __________________?
B: I will ______________________________.

Dialogue 4:
A: What are you going to ________________________?
B: I'm going to __________________.

Dialogue 5:
A: __________ do you want to _______________?
B: 1. How about____________?
2. Let's _____________________________.
3. I want to ___________________________________.

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