October 7, 2007

Lesson 23

Basic Grammar:

I. ~고있다…
Subject + Be (동사) + Verbing + (하고있는곳).
I am watching TV.
I am eating lunch.
I am working right now.
I am taking the bus.
I am getting on the train.
I am getting off the train/bus.

I was eating dinner.
I was meeting my friend.
I was getting off the train.

Exercise 1:
With your partner, finish the following dialogue:

A: What are you doing?
B: ______________________________________.

Exercise 2:

A: What were you doing?
B: _____________________________________________.

II. Yet (아직) 는 문장끝에서 쓰세요. (무지정 경우)


I didn’t eat yet – 아직 안먹었어요.
We’re not finished yet – 아직 안끝났어요.
It’s not ready yet – 아직 준비안됬다.
I didn’t see D War yet – D War 아직 안봤다.

Exercise 1:
With your partner, finish the following dialogue:

A: Did you ___________________?
B: I didn't __________________ yet.

Exercise 2:

A: Did you finish _____________________?
B: I didn't ______________________ yet.

Dialogue 1:

A: When will you leave for Pusan?
B: I will leave for Pusan this 추석.
A: Did you finish packing?
B: No, not yet.*

Not yet = 아직

Dialogue 2:

A: What will you buy your boyfriend for his birthday?
B: I'm going to buy him a MacBook for his birthday.
A: Did you order it?
B: Not yet.

Exercise 1:
With your partner, make a dialogue using “Yet”

Dialogue 3:

A: What are you doing?
B: I'm listening to some music.
A: What are you listening to?
B: I'm listening to Earth, Wind and Fire.

Please make a ~고있다 Dialogue.

Dialogue 4:

A: What will you do on your day off?
B: I'm going shopping.
A: What are you shopping for?
B: I think I'll buy a new skirt.
A: Do you know where you'll shop?
B: Not yet.


Please make a future dialogue.

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