October 14, 2007

Lesson 21E

Basic Consulting 1:

A: How would you like your hair done?
B: I would like to dye my hair.*
A: Do you have a color in mind?
B: I would like to make my hair a little bit darker.

Basic Consulting 2:

A: Do you have an idea what you would like?
B: I would like to change my hair color.**
A: What color do you have in mind?
B: I think a lighter color would be right.

*I'm thinking about changing my hair color.
**I'm thinking about dying my hair.

이것은 처음에 물어보는 칠문 입니다.

Basic consulting 3:

A: What do you recommend?
B: *A lighter color would really highlight your eyes.
A: What is that?
B: Since you have blue eyes and fair skin, a lighter color would make everything blend in and it will look very nice.

*A __(a)__ would (really) highlight/accentuate/accent/bring out your ____(b)___.
a) lighter color/darker color/shinier color, **red, brown, highlights, bleaching
**문장앞에서 A 없어도 됩니다.
b) eyes, facial structure, skin tone, overall package

Basic consulting 4:

A: What do you think?
B: I recommend highlights, it will really bring out your natural color accentuate your eyes.
A: What do you say that?
B: The highlights will offer a contrast to your natural color and it won't clash with your skin tone and eyes, they'll blend in perfectly.

Class Discussion:
Square, triangular, round faces – best haircut/coloring, etc.
Skin Tone – which color would be the best?

Class Exercise: (We will rotate partners for this)

Please consult based on your partner's facial structure and skin tone.

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