October 28, 2007

Lesson 24E


Basic Grammar: ~Like to...

뭐 하기 좋아하면...
주어 + Like to + 동사 + __________________

I like to drink.
I like to work out.
I like to meet my friends.

Partner 랑, 이 Dialogue 하세요.

A) What do you like to do?
B) I like to _______________________.

Basic Grammar Review: Should/Should Have

For should, please use only for benefit. If you do it, it’s beneficial.
Subj + Should + Verb + __________________________

I should work out more.
I should call my family more often.
Partner 랑, 이 Dialogue 하세요.

A) What should you do?
B) I should ____________________.

Let's do this:
I know I should + verb + ___________, but 주어 + 동사 + 나머지
I know I should drink less, but I like to drink.
I know I should sleep more but I surf the net too much.
I know I should eat better but I love junk food.

Partner 랑, Dialogue 하세요.
A) Why don't you _________________________.
B) I know I should __________________________________.

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