October 7, 2007

Lesson 25


~보다 도 좋다

___________ is better than _______________

________ is prettier than ____________

______________ tastes better than __________________


Popeyes is better than KFC
Eunha Hair is better than Juno Hair

양희 is prettier than 김희선
주영 is prettier than 김태희

Korean food tastes better than Indian food
Korean fried chicken tastes better than American fried chicken.

Subj (주어) + like ____________ better than _______________

Subj (주어) + tastes better than ________________

Subj (주어) + sounds better than _____________

Subj (주어) + sings better than _____________________


A) What's better, SKT or KTF?
B) KTF is better than SKT?

A) What tastes better, 교촌 or 둘둘?
B) 둘둘 tastes better than 교촌.


Please make a dialogue with your partner.

To use Plan(s) in a sentence please use this format.

Subj + Plan(s) to + Verb + (나머지)(with 누구랑, 장소, etc)
I plan to meet my in-laws this weekend.
We plan to eat with the assistants tonight.
그래서 뭐할거에요 질문 들으면 Plan to/I will/am going to~ 포맷으로 대답할수있어요.


A) What will you do tonight?
B) I plan to go straight home.

A) Where will you go this weekend?
B) I plan to go to 인천.

Exercise 1:

Please make a dialogue with your partner,

A) What will you _________________________?
B) I plan to _______________________________.

Exercise 2:

A) What will you ________________________?
B) I will _______________________________.

Exercise 3:

A) What will you _______________________?
B) I am going to ________________________.

Exercise 4:

A) _______________ will you ______________________?
B) ______________ plan to ______________________.

A) ________________ will you __________________?
B) ______________ going to ______________________.

A) _________________ will you ________________?
B) ______ will ______________________________.

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