October 7, 2007

Lesson 22

I. Preposition Review, Part 2: On, For

When to use “on” – Use for date and day.
I will go to Pusan on Thursday.
I went to Pusan on the 11th

A: When's your day off?
B: It's on Monday and Tuesday.

When to use “for” – Use for “Leave” verb, benefit (mind and body), favor, time (기간)
1. I will leave for Pusan tomorrow.
2. Go to the store for me.
3. Wash the dishes for your mother.
4. I will be gone for 2 weeks.
5. I will go to Singapore for vacation.

Dialogue 1:
A: Will you do me a favor?
B: Sure.
A: Will you go to the store for me?
B: What do you want?
A: A Coke please.

Dialogue 2:
A: How long will you be gone?
B: I will be in England for about 2 years.

Subj + have to 동사 + (해야되는곳).


I have to finish my homework.
I have to meet my sister.
I have to go home early.

I want to eat but it is too busy now.
I want to go out with my friends but I have to work tomorrow.
진주 wants to eat but it’s so busy right now.

~지만 - …but…
하고싶지만 …해야한다.
Subj (주어) + want to + 동사 (verb) + 하고싶은곳 + but Subj + have to + 동사 + 해야한곳.

1. I want to eat 삼겹살 but I have to lose weight.
2. Charlie wants to go to 제주도 but she has to work this weekend.
3. 유리 wants to go out tomorrow but he has to work.
Dialogue 1:

A: When's your birthday?
B: It's in September.
A: What day?
B: On the 5th.
A: What do you want to do?
B: I want to drink but I have to cut back.

Exercise 1:

Ask your partner when their birthday, anniversary, or their day off is.

Dialogue 2:

A: What will you buy your boyfriend for your 100 day anniversary?
B: I don't know, I want to buy him a watch but I think he would rather* have a romantic dinner.
A: Let me know how it goes.
B: Sure will.

*Would Rather – 수업에 설명
포맷 = Subj + would rather + 동사 + _____________________.


A: Do you want to go to 둘둘 치킨?
B: No, I would rather go to 불닭.

A: Do you want to eat at 김천?
B: I would rather eat at 참참참.

A: Do you want to help this customer?
B: I would rather pull teeth.

Exercise 2:

Make a similar dialogue.

Dialogue 3:

A: What will you do after work?
B: I'm going straight home, how about you?
A: I want to drink but everybody has to work tomorrow.
B: Well, I hate to drink alone too, so let's go.

Exercise 3:

Make a ~하고싶지만 dialogue.

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