October 14, 2007

Lesson 22E

Review, Basic Consulting

*A __(a)__ would (really) highlight/accentuate/accent/bring out your ____(b)___.
a) lighter color/darker color/shinier color, **red, brown, highlights, bleaching
**문장앞에서 A 없어도 됩니다.
b) eyes, facial structure, skin tone, overall package

1. A darker color would really accentuate your eyes.
2. A lighter color would blend in with your skin tone.

New Term:

This will present ______(a)_____ to its best advantage.

a) your overall package/your features

~보다 도 좋다

Subj (주어) is better than _______________

Subj (주어) will look better than ____________

Subj (주어) looks better than __________________


A darker is better than a light color for medium skin tone
A lighter color will look better than a darker color for light complexion.

Consulting 1:

A: What do you recommend?
B: I believe shorter hair will look better than a trim.
A: Why is that?
B: Because shorter hair will present your facial features to its best advantage.

Consulting 2:

A: What do you think?
B: I think a lighter color will fit better than a darker color.
A: Why do you think so?
B: The darker color will present your skin tone to its best advantage.


이렇게 연습 하세요.

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