April 2, 2007

Lesson 2

Lesson 1 Review:


1. Please make yourself at home
2. We’ll be right with you
3. All done
4. This way please
5. In a jiffy

Lesson 2


What did you do

Last night? I went home.
for your birthday? 1. We drank.
2. We had a party.
last weekend? 1. I slept all weekend.
2. I went out with my friends.
for Valentines Day? 1. I bought my boyfriend chocolate.
2. We had a romantic dinner.

What did you
have/eat for
breakfast? 1. I didn’t eat breakfast
2. I had cereal.
lunch? I had bean paste soup.
dinner? I had some barbequed beef/pork/chicken
a snack? I just had some milk.
1. How is your day?

2. When is…
It’s hectic.
It’s busy
your birthday? It’s on September 5th.
the party? It’s this Saturday.

Similar Expressions:
1. We drank – we partied, we drank like crazy, we got hammered..
2. I went out with my friends – I hung out with my friends, we just kicked it
3. snack – junk food, pastry (빵), potato chips, chips
4. Friends – buddies, college buddies, army buddies, girlfriends (여자들만), just a friend (그냥 친구).
5. 찌개 – stew

연습 1: I’m sorry to heart that.

A: How is your day?
B: It’s so hectic.
A: I’m sorry to hear that.
B: I’ll be OK.

A: What did you have for breakfast?
B: I didn’t have breakfast.
A: I’m sorry to hear that.
B: I am so hungry.

A: How are you today?
B: I’m under the weather.
A: I’m sorry to heart that.
B: I hate rainy days.

연습 2: Please come again/Hope to see you again.

A: How was the service?
B: It was great.
A: Thank you, please come again.
B: Thank you.

A: How was the service?
B: I loved it.
A: I’m glad to heart that, we hope to see you again.
B: Thank you.

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