April 20, 2007

Lesson 7b

Lesson 7b

Let’s learn how to put the question format into use:

Let’s look at the handout, let’s look at the “Do” question format:

In Korean, the format would be the following:

(- - - - - ) 뭐 (동사)었어요?
A) 김희선 언제 만났어요?
B) 점심 언제 먹었어요?
C) 언제 퇴근했어요?
D) 수업 언제 들었어요?

In English, the format would be the following:

When did you do (- - - - - - )?
When did you 동사 (--------)?

A) When did you meet 김희선?
B) When did you eat lunch?
C) When did you get off?
D) When did you take a class?

Basic Terms:

1. Get off –
2. Finish work –
3. Day off –
4. The usual –
5. Regular
6. Last Week
7. Last Weekend
8. Last Month
9. 2 weeks ago
10. 3 weeks ago
11. Last month
12. 2 months ago

Basic Grammar Review:
~지만 - …but…
하고싶지만 …해야한다.
Subj (주어) + want to + 동사 (verb) + 하고싶은곳 + but Subj + have to + 동사 + 해야한곳.

1. I want to eat 삼겹살 but I have to lose weight.
2. He wants to go to 제주도 but he has to work this weekend.
3. 총 wants to go out tomorrow but he has to work.

Dialogue 1:
A: When did you meet?
B: We met last night.
A: What did you do?
B: We had a romantic dinner.
A: How was the dinner.
B: I was disappointed.

Dialogue 2:
A: When did you buy that dress?
B: I bought it last weekend.
A: How do you feel?
B: I’m exhausted.

Dialogue 3:
A: When do you want to go out?
B: How about next weekend?
A: I’m sorry but I have to work next weekend, how about the following weekend?
B: Sounds good.

Practice making questions using “When” format.

Exercise 1:
A: When ____ you want to ____________________?
B: How about ____________?

Exercise 2:
A: When _____ you _____ ______ work _________?
B: I will _________ ________ at ____________.

Exercise 3:
A: When ____ you _______ _______ take a vacation?
B: I _______ _______ take a ________ in the _____________.

Please make practice Q & A with your partner.

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