April 20, 2007

Lesson 7c

Lesson 7c

Let’s learn how to put the question format into use:

Let’s look at the handout, let’s look at the “Do” question format:

Let’s work with “Where”

It is the same format as above.

( - - - - - ) 어디서 (동사)었어요?

A) 300 어디서 봤어요?
B) 점심 어디서 먹었어요?
C) 수업 어디서 들어요?
D) 제주도에 어디서 갔어요?

A) Where did you see 300?
B) Where did you eat lunch?
C) Where did you take the class?
D) Where did you go in Chejudo?


1. Where will you eat dinner?
저녁 어디서 먹을거에요?

I will eat at _______________.

2. Where will you go this weekend?
이번 주말에 어디 가거에요?

I will go to 남산 this weekend.

3. Where will you go for vacation?
휴가 어디서 갈거에요?

I will go to Singapore for vacation.

Basic Grammar Review:
~자 – Let’s +동사 + (나머지).
1. Let’s eat at 참참참.
2. Let’s meet at 홍대 tonight.

~는/어때요? How about + (하고싶은곳)
1. How about a drink after work?
2. How about 교촌치킨?

A: Where do you want to drink after class?
B: How about 교촌치킨?

A: Where do you want to meet?
B: Let’s meet at 명동 tonight.

A: Where do you want to eat for lunch?
B: Let’s eat at 참참참.

A: Where do you want to go after work.
B: How about 남산?

Dialogue 1:
A: Where did you buy that dress?
B: I bought it at Hyundai department store.
A: How do you like it?
B: I love it.
A: You look like a model.
B: Thank you.

Dialogue 2:
A: Where do you want to go after work?
B: How about 홍초 불닭? I love their food.
A: Sounds good.
B: Let’s go right after work!

Dialogue 3:
A: Where did you eat lunch today?
B: I ate at Pepper Lunch today.
A: How was the food?
B: It was alright

Practice making questions using “Where” format.

Exercise 1:
A: Where ____ you want to ____________________?
B: How about ____________?

Exercise 2:
A: Where _____ you _____ ______ work?
B: I will ______to ____________ after work.

Exercise 3:
A: Where ____ you _______ for your vacation?
B: I will _______ _______ for my vacation..

Please make practice Q & A with your partner.

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