April 20, 2007

Lesson 9

Lesson 9:

Common Expressions:
a) 155,000 = one hundred fifty thousand won (원)
b) 78,500 = seventy eight thousand five hundred won (원)
c) 22,250 = twenty two thousand, two hundred fifty won (원)
d) Yes, we accept debit cards.
e) I’m sorry, we don’t accept debit cards.

Credit Cards:
1. Visa/Master Card (MC)
2. American Express
3. JBC
4. Discover
5. Diner’s Club

Basic Grammar 1:
Subj (주어) + do/did/does+ not + 동사 + 나머지.

1. I did not eat breakfast.
2. I do not like romantic comedy.
3. He does not like green peppers.
4. 시은 does not study hard.
5. 양희 does not read the newspaper.

잛게 만들고싶으면:
Did not -> Didn’t
Do not -> Don’t
Does not -> Doesn’t

안이다 는…
Subj (주어) + Be + not + 나머지.
1. I am not cold.
2. He is not drunk.
3. 주영 is not lazy.

잛게 만들고싶으면:
I am not -> I’m not
He is not -> He isn’t
They are not -> They aren’t
I was not -> I wasn’t
We were not -> We weren’t
Basic Grammar 2:
할수있다 = Can
Subj(주어) + can + 동사+ 나머지 (할수있는곳).
1. I can drink 3 bottles of soju.
2. 닉기 can do hair well.
3. She can eat a lot.

할수없다 = Can not (can’t)
1. I can not wake up early.
2. She can not cook.
3. Annie can’t service you right now, would you like to wait?
4. 주영 can’t drink a lot.

질문 포맷:
Can + Subj (주어) + 동사 + 나머지 (할수있는곳)
1. Can you cook?
2. Can you speak Japanese?
3. Can you sing well?
4. Can 정희 do hair?
5. Can 새미 speak loud?

Dialogue 1:
A: Is 미나 available?
B: I’m sorry, she can’t service you right now, would you like another stylist?
A: No, thank you. When will she be available?
B: It will be a 45 minute wait, would you like to wait?
A: Yes, please. May I leave my number and will you call me when she’s available?
B: Yes, may I have your name and number?
A: My name is Jim Crowe and my number is 010-9475-4940.
B: Your name is Jim Crowe and your number is 010-9475-4940, is that correct?
A: Yes, please call me, I’ll be at the cyber café.
B: Will do, thank you for your patience/understanding.

Dialogue 2:
A: Welcome to Eunha Hair, my name is ________, how may I help you?
B: Yes, is 애리 in?
A: Yes, she’ll be right with you. Please come this way, have a seat and make yourself at home.
B: Thank you…

Dialogue 3:
A: Hello, my name is _________, would you like something to drink?
B: What do you have?
A: Here are your choices.
B: I’ll have black coffee please.

Dialogue 4:
A: Hello, my name is _____________, please follow me and we’ll wash your hair.
B: Thank you.
A: Please sit back and relax.
B: OK.
A: Please slide down a little bit lower.
B: Is this better.
A: Yes, how’s the water?
B: It’s a little cold.
A: How is it now?
B: It’s better.

Dialogue 5:
A: Thank you for coming to Eunha Hair, how was the service?
B: It was great, thank you.
A: We’re glad to hear that, your total comes to 45,000 won.
B: Do you accept American Express?
A: I’m sorry, we don’t accept Am Ex.
B: What about a debit card?
A: We accept debit cards.
B: Here you go.

Practice 1:
A: Hey _________, how are _________, today?
B: I’m ______________.
A: What did you do _________ ____________?
B: I __________ 300.
A: How ________ the movie?
B: It was _____________.

Practice 2:
A: Did you ______ dinner?
B: No, I ________ ________ dinner.
A: Are you __________?
B: I’m ____________.

Practice 3:
A: Can you _________?
B: I ________ ___________.

Practice 4:
A: What will _________ ________ tonight?
B: I ________ _________ _______ tonight.

Common Terms:

1. A little bit - ________________________
2. Cyber café/Internet Café - ______________________
3. Black coffee - _____________________
4. Instant coffee - ____________________
5. Pre-mixed coffee - ____________________
6. Total comes to - ________________________

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