April 2, 2007

Lesson 5

Lesson 5

Where are

You? I’m in Burger King.
The faxes? It’s in the Fax Tray.
Where do you want to Go? Let’s go to 강원도.
Eat? Let’s eat at Thai Orchid.
What will you do This weekend? I will sleep all weekend.
Tonight? I will meet my friends.
Will you Drink tonight? Yes/No
Eat Breakfast tomorrow? Yes/No
Where will You Meet your girlfriend? We will meet at 명동.
When will You Meet? We’ll meet at 7.
What will You Wear? I will wear my new leather jacket.
What will You Buy for white day? I will buy peppero.
What kind of Shoes Will you buy? I’ll buy boots.
Which Movie Will you see? I’ll see 300.
Which One Will you eat? I will eat the green one.
Which Restaurant Will you go to? I don’t know yet.

Basic Terms:

아직 – Yet
퇴근하다 – Get off/finish work/done

Basic Grammar:

Yet 는 문장끝에서 쓰세요.


I didn’t eat yet - ________________________________.

We’re not finished yet - ____________________________

It’s not ready yet - ________________________________

I didn’t see Dream Girls yet - __________________________________


A: Did you see 300, yet?
B: It didn’t come out yet.

A: Did you buy a new dress?
B: I didn’t buy one yet.

A: Will you go to the party this weekend?
B: I don’t know yet.

A: When is the next office party?
B: We don’t know yet.

Dialogue 1:

A: Hey, what time will you finish tonight?
B: I get off at 9.
A: Do you want to eat dinner?
B: I’m sorry, I have to wake up early tomorrow.
A: What will you do?
B: I have to wake up early.

Dialogue 2:

A: When do you want to meet?
B: Let’s meet at 8.
A: Where will you be at 8?
B: I’ll get off work at 7, so I don’t know yet.
A: Let’s meet at 종로.
B: Ok, sounds good.

Dialogue 3:

A: What time do you get off tonight?
B: I’ll finish at 8.
A: Will you go out?
B: I’m not sure yet.
A: Do you want to go out?
B: I guess so.
A: Then let’s meet at Club Harlem in 강남.
B: OK, sounds great.

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