April 20, 2007

Lesson 8

Lesson 8:

We will focus more on dialogues now

Basic Terms:

1. Will this be cash or charge?
2. Debit Card
3. Check
4. Trim
5. a) Would you like some…? (을료수 이름 or 음식, 과자)
b) May I get you some…?
c) Would you like a/an…?


10 = ten
20 = twenty
30 = thirty
40 = forty
50 = fifty
60 = sixty
70 = seventy
80 = eighty
90 = ninety
100 = one hundred
1,000 = one thousand
2,000 = two thousand
10,000 = ten thousand
50,000 = fifty thousant
100,000 = one hundred thousand
1,000,000 = one million
5,000,000 = five million
10,000,000 = ten million


1. 525 = five hundred twenty five, five twenty five
2. 1,200 = one thousand two hundred, twelve hundred
3. 5,500 = five thousand five hundred
4. 10,500 = ten thousand five hundred
5. 125,000 = one hundred twenty five thousand
6. 155,750 = one hundred fifty five thousand, seven hundred fifty

Basic Grammar:

How much = for money or something you can’t count
How many = countable

그래서, 질문 포뱃은 이렇게 하세요:

How much do you want to cut off?

How much (option) + do (동사) + subj (주어) + 동사 + 나머지
Option = 명사 있어도/없어도 되요.

A: How much coffee do you want?
B: Just half a cup please.

A: How much do you want to cut off?
B: I just want to cut off 2 cm.

How many (option) + do (동사) + subj (주어) + 동사 + 나머지

A: How many cookies do you want?
B: I would like 3 cookies please.

A: How many bottles of soju did you drink last night?
B: I drank 4 bottles of soju last night.

A: How many guests did you serve yesterday?
B: I served too many.

Practice 1:

A: Thank you for using Eunha Hair, how was the service?
B: It was great, thank you.
A: You total comes to 150,000 won, will this be cash or charge?
B: Cash.

Practice 2:

A: We hope you enjoyed your service.
B: Most definitely. How much was the service?
A: I’m glad to hear that, your total is 75,000won, will this be cash or charge?
B: I want to use my debit card, do you accept debit cards?

Practice 3:

A: Hey 이름, what did you do on your day off?
B: I drank.
A: I drank 오십새주.
B: How many bottles did you drink?
A: I drank too much.
B: I’m sorry to hear that.

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